About the Faith Place
Mission Statement

We are a family oriented church that emphasizes the presentation and application of the Word of God. We recognize and embrace the value of diversity. Our primary goal is to facilitate the reconciliation of man and God, one soul at a time. Furthermore, we aspire to provide ministries and services that enhance the communities, cities and cultures that have been divinely assigned to us.

Vision Statement

Our vision involves extensive outreach strategies that are designed to win the world for God. We fully expect to see families strengthened and improved through the study, understanding and application of the Word of God. We will address the real-life challenges of being young, how to be single and saved, being a Christian on a College campus, abstinence, as well as parenting in the 21st century. The results of these efforts should produce a growth that is spiritual, emotional and numeric.

Core Values

Faith- We believe faith is the key that unlocks the treasure chests that God has in store for His followers. Faith also guides us to our earthly destiny.

Hope- Hope is the fuel of faith. Hope keeps our dreams alive, even when they seem impossible.

The Love of God is the magnetic force that draws people to God. We have been chosen as conduits of that love. Therefore we must open our hearts, minds and arms to love the world as God has commanded us in His blessed word.

The Faith Place Church  211 Linnerud Drive  Sun Prairie  Wisconsin  53590   Phone: (608) 834-8855
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